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Atma Group of Industries

The particular objective of this design exercise aim. at establishing three distinct identities for the three companies that comprise this corporation. The task vas facilitated in that each company had Its own independant floor in the three storeyed (plus basement) building bought to house the centralized office. In addition, each company had very specific requirements In terms of number and hierarchy' of space This led to the ground floor, with high level corporate activity, having a strong visual Impact. The colour scheme, dominated by black and grey, executed in marble. glass and aluminium conveys a strong dynamic corporate image.

The first floor is more of a compromise office with both open work areas and self,contained cabins. A hint of flamboyancy in the colour scheme lightens the prevailing mood of a highly charged work space. The second floor, in contrast projects a primary image of an intense, highly efficient working space with optimal usage in both work stations and storage facilities. Eye level partitioning retains a sense of association while allowing seclusion and privacy to individuals.

The rigidity of Chandigarh's shop cum-office planning on the major commercial arteries, meant for separate unit users at different levels, was the major constraint in view of the fact that all three floors had to be under a single control. Removal of the Internal curtain .1Is of the linear staircase resolved the problem of transforming the building into one unit. The internal structural grids were neutralized on each floor by Incorporating them into the circulation spaces and by the effective chamfering of cabins. Modular uni. in work stations generate a visual harmony that caters to the spatial requirements at each work level.